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Heaven in a Zumba Class

Several weeks ago I connected with a young man, the most beautiful soul, and his mother in her human body here. He showed up while I was in Zumba class that morning, a couple hours prior to our scheduled appointment time. I received such beautiful downloads in class that morning. These were not evidential, specific validations for his mother (those came later, in our session), but it was spiritual insight to be shared with all. I thank God and Eren for the best Zumba class ever.

The following came in two different ways, but blended/melded together: direct download, and Spirit directing my attention and perspective.

Look around! All ages, shapes, races and sizes. Aren't we all of different beliefs, different faiths, as well? Surely there are even atheists and agnostics in a group of this size. I look around and see the little lady in the front row who could easily be 90. I see the preschool-aged little girl who is jumping up and down, next to her mom. There are middle-aged men and senior men. One man I could assume is a body-builder. Another man I could assume is here for his heart health. I see the athletic, beautiful young woman who powers through the steps like she is in training. I have seen her before and had wondered if she is a professional cheerleader. She is next to the sweet lady with disabilities who is smiling at me, who is next to her caregiver. I love watching them smile and interact with each other. No way could I discern what each person's ethnicity (most likely blended, individual ethnicities) might be, even if I wanted to, even if I tried. There is definitely no discernible majority, nor minority, here. It's a gorgeous melting pot of 75 or so individuals.

Some know every step, yet no two steps look the same. Some are so focused on getting the steps right that one wonders if they are experiencing enjoyment. Others could care less about hitting the steps right, yet it feels like I am granted freedom myself when I watch these exquisitely free souls dance. There are others who easily fall into the rhythm, naturally coordinated, yet I sense their minds are anywhere but the present moment. There seems to be a disconnect between them and this glorious here and now. They know the dance, hitting the steps right on cue, but I wonder if they hit the joy...

To be certain, we are a room of individuals who put our own spin on the steps, yet we are dancing as a collective whole. The steps are both interpreted and executed differently by each and every person, which somehow only makes this collective dance more beautiful. Magnificent it is when we become aware that we are all dancing to the same music, contributing our own unique steps to the collective dance.

It's easier to discern everyone as individuals when class starts, with individual personalities, internal and external concerns showing on our faces. We come in aware of our plans for the day, aware of the weights we are carrying. We are together, yet in isolation, at the start of class.

Our personal tensions dissipate as class progresses. It's as if, after an extended time of dancing together, we somehow gain awareness that we are really all together. By the midway point, it's as if somewhere along the way we have each dropped our heavy backpacks mid-class, like a child stepping through the door after arriving home from school.

Now we smile easily at each other. No longer strangers, now we are neighbors.

It's as if we have forgotten we are separate after dancing to the same

beat long enough. We no longer just hear, but feel, the rhythm. We each put our own footprint on every step, whether intentionally or not... yet we are all dancing to the same beat. This awareness is evident on every face, whether we realize this consciously, or not. Awareness shows up as big smiles, woops, laughter, and non-restrained movement. We stop resisting. We stop fearing how we look and stop fearing not getting it right and stop fearing what others will think. We stop thinking about ME as we become WE. We relax and just be.

We dance with abandon, with joy, in a love shared with all.

P.S. You might find it interesting to know that Eren was non-verbal in his physical body. Eren is most definitely an extremely articulate soul.


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