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Thank you for the reading regarding my son's death.  I am so amazed at how on point you were. You gave me so much comfort and your kindness was forever cherished. I wasn't expecting you to be so on point. The information you gave me is truly a heartwarming blessing. Thank you so much.

Blessings to you,

Tammy White

Thank you Rachel for the reading you gave me that brought my love ones through who have passed away.  I was a little skeptical at first until everything you said was right on. You're amazing and thank you again Rachel for giving me that validation that I was looking for.

Lisa Kearns-Bradley

I had the wonderful experience of a reading with the beautiful and talented, loving, guiding Rachel Pearson Friday evening. I am still in shock. What a roller-coaster, joy-filled, tear-filled few minutes. I was excited, scared to death, and validated, all at the same time. Not only did I connect with my precious daughter who passed by suicide 3 yrs, 9 mos, and 7 days ago... but with my father who passed in 1984; then also my daughter's father who also passed by suicide in 1991. What a relief to hear they are together in heaven and at peace. The guilt of losing two loved ones to suicide was eating me alive. To hear from them not to feel guilty and that I had done my best and to continue to do my best raising my daughter's son who is autistic, finally set my heart and soul set free. Rachel, I cannot thank you  enough. My heart feels so much lighter and the days to come much easier. Much love to you and may God continue to bless you and everyone you touch.

Sandra Gillum

I have to thank Rachel for the most amazing reading earlier this evening! I am extremely impressed and so very thankful for her time, her effort, and how much detail came through! She was kind, considerate, and made it so easy and relaxed. I will never forget the experience.

GS Lev - DelRay Beach, Fla

Hi Rachel. I just wanted to say thank you again for your kindness to me today. You gave me a PM reading in which both my son NOEL and my mum came through. I am so overjoyed to know they are together and NOEL is just the same caring, loving, funny son he was on earth that he now is in spirit. While I felt in my heart that he was still around me, it was so lovely to have it confirmed. I am so grateful. The reading was awesome.

Gentle hugs. xx

Corinne Johnson

Rachel is truly gifted.  She has on several occasions helped me connect with loved ones who have crossed over and to understand that they are with me all the time.  This has been a source of incredible comfort and healing.  The experiences I have had with Rachel have been meaningful, authentic and reassuring.  There is no way she could have known many of the scenarios that my loved ones have communicated to her including names, accurate descriptions of people and moments that were very private and special to me and my loved ones.  She is also a very compassionate person which makes the experience with her even more rewarding.


Rachel Pearson was one of the facilitators of a grief support group that I belong to. I knew that she was a medium, but we had never discussed that before. My wife and I had seen a world-renowned medium about a year ago and are true believers in spirit. I was chatting with Rachel one morning about nothing in particular when she told me that my son was with us in spirit. Jared’s messages that morning were totally validated through specific details that came out in our conversation; it was absolutely beautiful. I later booked a video chat reading with Rachel for my wife, Cynthia and I for the following week. During that second reading, the details that came through from Jared were abundant, so very comforting, full of love, and totally validating. Several other relatives came through as well including Cynthia’s dad, my dad, both of my grandmothers and my great grandfather. All of their messages to us were very comforting and also validated. Rachel’s messages are a gift from heaven, full of detail and love from the spirit side of life. She is very accurate, warm, and caring for those grieving the loss of a loved one. God bless you, Rachel for the peace and comfort you bring.

 Bobby Morton, Cape Cod, MA

Rachel Pearson was the guest speaker to share her talent. She gave, from other parents' reactions, very accurate readings. I've always been intrigued by the spirit world and angels, but this was my first encounter in person. With the encouragement of a fellow group member, I quickly booked a session just a few days later to speak with Rachel. She gave validation after validation after validation. It was truly an amazing experience I'll never forget. I lost my son in Nov. 2016; he was stillborn. She gave details no one else would have any way of knowing. To my surprise, my grandfather also came through. He passed long before the days of social media; so her spot on validations gave me so much peace and comfort. Other relatives came through as well which brought laughter and tears. Prior to my reading with Rachel, I was crippled with grief over the loss of my baby boy. Almost instantly I felt that overwhelming grief lift away as our reading concluded. Rachel helped me to understand, as the doctors could never tell me, why this happened. But, now I know my son's true purpose. He will always be with me. Rachel helped me heal and helped give me my life back. A million thank yous, Rachel!

Jenna Carter

We are forever grateful for the gift of connection & peace Rachel's session brought to us!  We have been blessed to have found so many wonderful people in our healing journey, & Rachel is definitely one of them. We made the decision to have a FaceTime reading done with Rachel on the one year date of our son's passing. We scheduled our session, as part of a healing trip we took, back to the place where he died. It was a sacred trip which brought much healing to our lives... and the reading with Rachel was a gift to ourselves! We are so thankful we decided to have a reading done~ we are now positive of our connection with our son!  There were many details only we would know about him, and validations that he has been with us since he left this earth! We felt comfortable with Rachel right from the beginning. We felt she was someone our son would have trusted and felt a kinship with. We know she understands with the heart of a mother who has lost.  We felt genuine love and spiritual reverence during our time with her. It was truly an experience of connection that has enabled us to move forward, toward healing our broken hearts.
She is genuine~ we are grateful. Garrett is with us ... This we know.
Forever Grateful,

K & K Maddux 

I recently had a reading with Rachel.  It was amazing and brought some much needed peace to my broken heart.  She connected with my sweet daughter and gave me messages that could not have come from anywhere else but my daughter.  It was a delightful experience that made me smile, laugh, and cry.  It also strengthened my belief that my daughter still exists and is closer than I realize.  I will definitely be seeking out further readings with Rachel and highly recommend her to any grieving parent.  It really does my heart good and I am so grateful that Rachel has this gift and shares it with us.

 Alecia's  Mom

I recently had a wonderful reading with Rachel. I feel such a sense of peace after hearing from my son, Andrew. Rachel told me many things that only I know. I have no doubt that she did indeed hear my son. There are no words to describe the deep and everlasting gratitude I feel for Rachel. She brought me the best gift any bereaved mother could have, the connection with my precious child. And she did so with genuine, compassion, caring and kindness. I am forever grateful.

Kathleen S.

 I am forever grateful to you Rachel. I was fortunate to have a letter from heaven from my son. You captured who my son was, his physical appearance as well as his personality. It brought me comfort and peace. You were so accurate and it was truly amazing. I hope to meet you and thank you in person one day. You have a gift and anyone who is fortunate enough to have validation on their child has received a true gift and blessing. I know Christian feels the love for his family and he is at peace. God Bless you Rachel. Thanks again.

Sharon S. 

I was very nervous before my first connection with Rachel but, as soon as she started speaking, I knew with certainty that my son was talking to me through the messages she conveyed.  Not only did Rachel talk about things that were so personal to me and my son, but his personality shone through so clearly in the language he used and the enthusiasm he displayed.  After so many months of raw grief, the comfort and reassurance I received about the ongoing relationship my son and I will always have has been so healing.  Thank you, Rachel, for your gentle and loving support and for the laughter!

Ann Michaud

Rachel is NOT only gifted and excellent at interpreting spirit, but she is kind, compassionate, intelligent AND funny. I have had 4 different readings and she ALWAYS tells me tons of things NO ONE could know but me and my spirit soulmate. Her information is so accurate and informative.
And if something like scheduling goes wrong, she goes above and beyond to make things right. She is a Class A person and spirit messenger!!!! 

My highest recommendation!!!!

Astrid A.

I met Rachel through a grieving parents group and I truly believe it was our children in spirit that led us to meet.  My girl Jo was a help to her and Rachel was a real blessing for me. She gave me all sorts of messages from Jo and brought me peace when I needed it the most so I could center myself to be able to focus on my own gift of empathy and intuition.  I will always remember those first days and how I watched Rachel really come into her gift and grow and help so many people.  

Teresa C.

I can't thank you enough for the reading and subsequent recording that puts my mind at ease when I'm feeling the grief more intensely. The reading you gave me was outstanding in that you were able to communicate things that could not have been derived any other way than spirit contact. You talked about roses and my departed daughter's friend. I contacted the friend and found out she got a rose tattoo with my daughter's name and date of transition. Neither you nor I could have known that at the time of the reading, so there was no telepathy involved. There were many other instances where it was obvious you were indeed in contact with my beloved daughter and a few other departed loved ones. I will be forever grateful to you. 


It’s taken me almost a full week to write this.  Every time I compose what I would like to say in my head, I find there are no adequate human words, really, but here goes.
The gift of your reading last Tuesday was beyond remarkable, so comforting, and just plain miraculous.  I am still floating.  Your ability to bring through my sons so clearly, personality, validations, and all, has added immensely to my “knowing” that they are still very much with us in spirit.  One of the things that continues to amaze me, is that you brought through exactly what I needed to know - answers to the questions in my head and some I had written down beforehand. 
I know you’ll understand this because of losing your own son, but I’m starting to live more fully and not so much in that “gray” zone. I believe the reading with you was the next big step in healing for me. 
You’ve recently written about the importance of trust on this journey - trusting intuition, trusting the signs are really signs, trusting the connection - and I wholeheartedly agree.  I had absolute trust going into last week’s reading that my boys would be with you and they were - no doubts whatsoever.
Thank you Rachel for your abilities, compassion, and generosity.  I can’t wait to read your book and continue to follow your work.

With love, Nancy

Wow, is what comes to my mind as I think about my first reading with Rachel. This is the first reading I have ever had with a psychic medium and I went into the experience with an open mind and few expectations. My son and I had a very close relationship and I felt that if he wanted to connect with me through Rachel, he would. It was such a powerful experience and his strong and vibrant personality came through so that I had no doubts it was him sending me and his family his love and the messages he wanted us to have. Rachel was able to bring his spirit to me with his great sense of humor, his laughter and his smile. We lost him very unexpectedly at the age of 37 and this reading gave me such peace. He thanked me and confirmed the importance for me to keep his memory alive for his young children. I am thankful to Rachel for sharing her special God-given talents and abilities with me, and I look forward to future readings with her. She is truly gifted.

Lee's Mom, April 

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