You can read the descriptions of all my services in “Book A Session”. 

Phone sessions work just as well as video and in-person sessions.


Please allow at least 15 minutes prior to our session to relax, pray, and/or meditate... and allow extra time for your session in the event we go longer than the scheduled time.  Please plan to be in a quiet place where you will be distraction and interruption- free for the duration of our time together. 

Excess medication and/or alcohol may affect the quality of our connection, so please avoid before our session.

What I have come to expect, and what you can expect as well, is that I will relay evidence that you are communicating with your loved one(s), and loving messages from them. (If this does not happen, I will be happy to offer you a full refund, or a rescheduled appointment.)  I place no expectations on Spirit as to what I will specifically receive in any given session, as specific expectations would only interrupt the flow of communication. I fully trust that Spirit knows what the receiver needs and that Spirit knows best how to impress upon me the messages. 

Please preserve the anonymity of you and your loved one as much as possible when booking your session. First name or initials only is preferable when booking. 

I respect your privacy and I will safeguard the confidentiality of our session. I consider it an honor and a privilege and a sacred responsibility to facilitate a connection between you and your loved one in spirit. I go into every connection as if I was the person on the receiving end seeking to receive messages from my son or other loved ones. 

A spiritual connection cannot substitute for mental, psychological, or medical advice/treatment.