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Please allow at least 15 minutes prior to our session to be alone and relax, pray, or meditate.  Please arrange to be in a quiet space where you will be alone and distraction/interruption-free.  During our time together I will receive evidence from your passed loved one(s) that they know you will relate to as being personal and identifying information from them. They will also share loving and healing messages through me. 

I will see, hear, and feel information from your loved ones, as if their thoughts become my own. I cannot control or predict who will connect with me, nor what types of evidential information they will convey.  Your passed loved ones will be coming to me because you bring them with you. You are the one they are closest to. I will simply be the vessel to communicate their messages. Your loved ones whom you want to hear from most are most likely to do the most talking! Having that said, other passed family members and friends can pop in and say Hello. 

I place no expectations upon Spirit as to specific information they will communicate, as expectations in my (or your) mind can interrupt the flow of communication. I fully trust that Spirit knows what you need to hear and Spirit knows best how to impress upon me their validations and messages. In the time leading up to our session, it may be helpful to spend time with your passed loved ones, writing down questions you have for them. Then try to release any expectations of how you would like them to answer, or what you would like them to bring through, so that you will be most open and the communication will flow most easily. Having clear intentions without set expectations tend to make for the best connections. 

I have never connected with any negative or lower energies, entities, or spirits. I have never received any harmful or scary messages. I will only be connecting with your loved ones who are in heaven, whose souls are at peace. I pray before every connection and I only receive from the highest realm of God's love and light. If you would like me to pray with you at the start of our connection, I would love to do so, just ask. 


Thank you for trusting me with your loved ones' messages. I respect your privacy and will hold in confidentiality any information that comes through in our session. I consider it a sacred honor, privilege and responsibility to serve heaven and earth in this capacity.  I look forward to our loving and healing time of connection with your loved one(s) from heaven! 


Please note: My services cannot substitute for mental, medical, or legal advice. We are all free agents with responsibility for our own personal decision-making. Please keep this in mind going into a session with me. 

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