Please allow at least 15 minutes prior to our session to be alone and relax, pray, and/or meditate.  Please arrange to be in a quiet space where you will be alone and distraction/interruption-free for the duration of our session. 

What I have come to expect during our time together is that I will receive evidence from your loved one(s) who have passed on so that you will know I am communicating with them. Once they know you know it's them I am connecting with, they will share loving memories and healing messages with me, on your behalf. I will relay all of this to you as we go along.  (If this does not happen, I will be happy to offer you a full refund or a rescheduled appointment.) 


I will receive the information from your loved ones via thoughts -- visions, words, emotions, physical sensations, and personality characteristics. I cannot control who connects with me, nor what types of evidential information they will share with me. I will be connecting with whom you bring with you. Your loved ones whom you had the strongest bonds with while they were in their physical form are most likely your loved ones whom I will make the strongest connections with. Having that said, friends and family members whom you do not expect to hear from may also say hello or deliver a message that is for your highest good and healing. For example, I have found that when a person has previously connected with a specific loved one (through me or another medium) it is more likely that other (new-to-connect) loved ones also come through in a session. And sometimes your loved ones from heaven will want to come together and help each other, even if they didn't know each other here. 


I place no expectations upon Spirit as to what specific information gets communicated, as specific expectations in my (or your) mind can interrupt the flow of communication. I fully trust that Spirit knows what you need to hear and Spirit knows best how to impress upon me their validations and messages. 

I want to encourage you to spend quiet time with your loved ones who have passed prior to our session and write down questions you have for them that you would like them to bring through. Be careful not to conjure expectations of how you would like them to answer your questions so that you will be open to receiving their answers during our time together, which may come through in a way that you may not expect!  (Don't tell me your questions, just tell them.) Many of my clients who do this say that many, if not all, of their questions end up getting answered during our session. Set an intention by doing this prior to our session, and then let go and stay open to receiving during our time together. Having intentions without set expectations tend to make for the best connections. If Spirit prompts me to do so, I may ask you if you have any questions for your loved one,  toward the end of our session.

I have never connected with any negative or lower energies, entities, or spirits. I have never received any harmful or scary messages. I will only be connecting with your loved ones who are in heaven, whose souls are at peace. I pray before every connection and I only receive that which is from the highest realm of God's love and light. If you would like me to pray with you prior to the start of our connection, I would love to do so. 


Thank you for trusting me with your loved ones' messages. I respect your privacy and will hold in confidentiality the information that comes through in our session. I consider it an honor and sacred responsibility to serve heaven and earth in this capacity.  I look forward to our loving and healing time of connection with your love one(s) from heaven! 


Please note: A spiritual connection cannot substitute for mental, psychological, or medical advice/treatment.