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Hi! I'm Rachel and I have a natural ability to communicate with your loved ones who are no longer in their physical bodies but are just as close to you and in some ways, closer than humanly possible! I receive what they want to communicate through my own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Some people refer to my ability as a gift, and while I do feel this communication is a gift from Spirit, we all have this gift to communicate with our passed loved ones, as we all have a soul connection with them! Through a connection with me, the gift will be what you receive - validation for the connection you had and will always have with your loved ones who are no longer in their physical bodies. Your loved ones will communicate through me messages of love and healing from them to you. All of my spiritual senses will work together as I translate their messages to the best of my ability. First and foremost, your loved ones will want to prove to you that they are alive and well, and never far away! 

I also offer Divine Guidance sessions.  In these sessions, the evidential information I receive from Spirit on your behalf will be related to you and your path here. People seek these sessions when going through challenging circumstances and/or making significant decisions, or when seeking spiritual development/mentorship.  I also offer small group mediumship sessions and I teach classes in intuitive development, mediumship, and connecting with Spirit for yourself.

For my current services, please see Private Sessions and Online Events. I offer all private session options via phone or Zoom. To learn more about me and my incredible spiritual journey, I invite you to read my memoir, Start It Up, via booksellers and on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions:

About Me: Inner_about
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