Hi, I'm Rachel and I have a natural (God-given) ability to communicate with your loved ones who have physically died and have returned to Spirit/Heaven. My ability is a gift to others, as I share it with others to deliver healing after the physical death of a loved one.  


I can talk to your loved ones, but you can, too! They can discern your thoughts better than they could hear your spoken words when they were in their physical bodies. Your loved ones only come to me because you bring them with you. YOU are the one they are closest to. We all have a soul connection with everyone we love, and our means to communicate with them extends beyond our physical senses. I connect to your loved ones through the love they have for you, from where they are now, in God's perfect love and light. 


If you book a Mediumship session with me, here's what you can expect: 

As your loved one(s) draws close to me, I will feel a sense of who they were here on earth. They will impress upon me proof to you of their identity, via specific details I couldn't otherwise know. I may see an image of your loved one as they project themselves to me now. They may play charades with me to show me something about themselves or what they like, or what they are doing now or who they are with. I will also see in the way that you see in your mind's eye if you think about something you did yesterday or a memory you have with your loved one. The way you see the images from these scenes in your mind's eye is how I will see the significant memories your loved one shares with me. In this same way, your loved one may also show me significant times where they have been close to you since they have passed.  I may hear words, names, or short phrases in my mind. I will receive longer thoughts from your loved one as thoughts of my own. Your loved one may choose to impress upon me physical symptoms as a way for me to identify whom I am connecting with, even though they do not feel any physical discomfort now.  I will also intuit, and feel through my own emotions, additional meaning or context of impressions, for clarity or deeper/broader messages your loved ones may want to communicate. I cannot control who draws near me to communicate. I may make a connection with a loved one you do not expect to hear from. Having that said, I have never connected with lower energies, entities, or spirits, and any messages I receive on your behalf will be for your highest good and healing. 


If you book a session with me, your loved ones will want to communicate messages of love and healing, from them to you. All of my spiritual senses will work together, as I briefly described above, allowing me to translate their messages to the best of my ability. First and foremost, your loved ones will want to prove to you that they are alive and well, and never far away.  

Maybe you are not grieving but you would like divine guidance for dealing with difficult circumstances you may be going through, and/or significant decisions you need to make. I also offer Divine Guidance sessions to connect with your angels and spirit helpers to receive guidance on your behalf.  I may be aware of the presence of, or guidance from, your loved one(s) in spirit during these sessions, as well.  Many of my clients have started out as mediumship clients but progress in their healing to desiring more guidance for their path here. If you would like guidance but also appreciate messages from your loved ones, I can connect for both, whether you book a Divine Guidance or Mediumship session. I offer both via phone or Zoom.  I also offer family/friends and small group mediumship sessions. For my current services, please see Private Sessions. Small group mediumship sessions will be listed under Online Events. 

I also teach others in both mediumship and soul guidance / intuitive and spiritual growth. And I lead Connect For Yourself workshops and meditations throughout the year to help you better discern your connection with Spirit for yourself. Classes and workshops are always online, via Zoom, from the comfort of your own home. For my current offerings, please see Online Events. 

On a personal note.... 


I have had this spiritual gift all my life, but only in ways that became obvious to me as an adult. I delivered evidential validations to others when Spirit strongly urged me to, but it was only after my oldest son, Perry, unexpectedly returned to Spirit that I began to experience just how much more there was to my abilities. To learn more about my grief experience and my phenomenal spiritual journey that resulted, I invite you to read my memoir, Start It Up.  It can be found via booksellers and on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions: