I am an evidence-based Spirit medium. I have an organic, God-given ability to communicate with your loved ones who have physically died. I was going to write that I "can talk to your loved ones in spirit/heaven", but you can do this, too! Your loved ones in heaven hear your thoughts as they hear mine. Your loved ones only come to me because you bring them with you... they are already with you! This is because we all have a soul connection to those we love who have passed through the veil that separates heaven from earth. (Heaven is among us, not in a geographical location.)  I connect with your loved ones through the holy spirit, God's divine love and light.  I serve as a vessel and messenger, a bridge between heaven and earth. Your loved ones, through me, will impress upon me proof of their identity, via specific details I couldn't otherwise know. They will share memories and proof of how they are still aware of and involved with your life now, and they will express healing, loving messages. Your loved ones want to prove to you that they are alive and well, never far away, and how the love they have for you, and you for them, never dies. 


Since childhood, I have felt very close to the holy spirit.  Over time, it became obvious (and perplexing) to me that my connections were mostly related to people who are no longer living in the physical realm (and their loved ones here). It was only after my oldest son, Perry, unexpectedly returned Home, that I began to experience just how much more there was to my abilities, as Perry began to appear to me with other children, to help them reach their parents here.  I now use my abilities on a regular basis as a channel for divine love and healing to people here who are grieving. I see, hear, and feel Spirit through my higher senses / extra-sensory perception, and all of these senses work together to help me translate messages from your loved ones in spirit. I do not, nor have I ever, connected with evil spirits or negative entities/energies. My connections with Spirit only bring comfort, peace, and healing, serving the highest good of all. 

I may also receive messages of guidance from your angels, and I facilitate online spiritual discernment groups where Spirit uses me/speaks through me to help others grow spiritually, validating and empowering others regarding their own connections with Spirit and gifts of Spirit.