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A Message from Matty In-Spirit

I want to share an inspired message, an In-Spirit message. A channeled message I received from Matty three+ years ago. This was for his mom then, for others then. For others now, and for others to come. Spirit's wisdom is timeless and can be felt within our soul today and tomorrow, just as powerfully as yesterday. Whether it's a fresh perspective or a sweet reminder, I hope you feel the Love from your beloved in Spirit as you read Matty's words.

As your broken heart heals, as you are in your long goodbye to the me who was...

You create space for the me who still and always is right next to you, sitting in your heart.

(Here I saw Matty with his son, Baby Bear, on his shoulders.)

This is a cliche that I live in your heart? A worn-out line in love songs, or a feel-good mantra?

No, this is not cliche. This is truth and the poets, the artists... they always know first. They often know, not knowing what they even know.

Keep going. I'm here. I will lead you to find your soul, your higher self. This is the you who is with me now.

Then you can know we are together still... even between the signs.

Photo credit: Matty's Family Album & Mom, Diane, who has been receiving Matty's "Wisdom from the Heart" for eight years. You can read beautiful, heartfelt words from Diane on her blog:


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Rachel, I will never tire of reading Matty's inspired message that came through you. It came at a time when I needed guidance and validation that I was on the right path on my journey to soul and healing. I was yearning to see on the outside what I was feeling on the inside. Matty heard my thoughts, read my heart and delivered his Love and wisdom through your Divine connection. Encouragement from across the veil. He speaks to the open hearts ready to embrace his words. Yes, timeless! May many find the blessings and comfort in these words . . . holding hands with Hope. Thank you Rachel & Matty.



This is beautiful!!! I luv spirits wisdom is timeless!!! And the long good byes to the me that was …… 😭😭😭😭 it just makes me sad but get chills at same time!!! lisa ❤️💔


Feb 07, 2023

oh i love this so much!!! ‘the you who is with me now‘ & ‘between the signs’…it makes SO much sense!! i cant find the words…probably because this is DIVINE!!! ~carole

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