I recently had a spirit guided reading with Rachel. I lost my daughter nearly 4 years ago, so I've had several readings with other mediums. Rachel was one of the best evidentially. She said things no one else did that were so personal and intimate and so touching. More importantly, she delivered these messages with such love and purity of heart that I felt that for just a little while I touched the realm my daughter now lives in. I have already recommended her to some of the special people in my life and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone at all.

Lois Kesty

Rachel is a very gifted medium and has helped me with communication with my daughter. She is compassionate, loving and kind and vocalizes her communication from our loved ones in a way that shows their love and God's love for us all. Rachel is very approachable and open and that means a lot to me. As a grieving Mother she knows my pain and that my heart is broken and any time I need a lift in my spirit I know I can reach out to Rachel.

Jo's Mom

Deep gratitude doesn't even begin to describe the way I feel for the priceless gift of peace Rachel has helped me achieve. Being able to get confirmation that my precious daughter Amanda is well and knowing she is still sharing experiences with me and my family makes my heart soar. There are no words to adequately tell you how this has helped this grieving mother and my other daughter, mother, sister, and aunt who were also so very close to Amanda. <3 Rachel knows how we feel because she too is walking in our shoes and shares our pain and our journey. I prayed, begged, and pleaded with my Heavenly Father to let me know that my baby girl was alright and happy - Rachel is an answer to my prayer!

A very grateful bereaved mom,

Suzanne Garbacz

I lost my wife at a young age (both for her and for me) in 2016. I arranged and received a "Letter From Heaven" in June 2017. All I can say is that this was the first time that I was certain that my wife Marie was in spirit and had definitely come through. Some of the information Rachel gave me was so personal and specific to the both of us that I had no doubt in my mind that Marie had come through. She described her illness and passing so accurately. Also, what I'd been thinking afterwards, etc. However what really got me is the way Rachel described the way Marie talked, her humour and manner. The phrases she used was just her. And, bearing in mind that I am in the UK. Marie and I are British. So when Rachel used a phrase that is more widely used in America - Marie corrected her with humour and used more of an English one we use here. It was just something small like that, that made it so very huge, significant and meaningful. This was the first time that I actually felt at ease and more confident since Marie's passing. When you consider that Rachel is also dealing with her own grief and loss of her dear son - you realise not only what a talented, gifted person she is, but a compassionate and loving soul as well.

Thank you Rachel, with all my heart. 

A grateful husband,


I have had a number of readings with Rachel, and I can say Rachel is the 'real deal.'  (which is why I keep coming back.)
I have had extreme healing come from sessions with Rachel - healing that years of therapy really did not begin to touch. I cannot express how healing Spirit is, and that Rachel has the ability to connect with and convey messages from Spirit. 
Connecting with Spirit thru Rachel was a life-changing experience for me.  It changed my beliefs and my mind and best of all: my outlook on life. I was able to come to terms with my grief, and now I look forward to life knowing we are helped, guided, and loved
beyond belief by Spirit. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a life
changing experience by getting a reading with Rachel! 

In all sincerity,

Toni Hancock

Rachel has  given me two readings via phone, and each time my Angels came through so clear. During each one-hour reading, the amount of validations were far beyond what I expected. Long story short:  I lost my 20 month-old son and my 9 year-old nephew in 2009, due to a house fire. My son was trapped and my nephew ran back into the home that was engulfed in flames to get to my son. They were found huddled together at the scene.  It took me 8 years to get back onto my spiritual journey and to begin trying to heal after doing it on my own wasn't making much progress. Immediately after our introduction, Rachel mentioned "feeling hard to breathe, smelling smoke." My son came through and put me at ease by verifying through Rachel that I very much did have my angel by me daily. She brought up having lighting issues, we did, because my son was "showing me he was now big enough to reach the light switch"! He also showed Rachel a greenish yellow blanket, his baby blanket that I had passed down to both of my living children who were born after he passed. She brought up me folding his laundry and smelling the clothing. When I was deep in grief, I had spouts where I'd be up at night feeling lonely, I would pull out my son's clothes and I could still smell him on them. I could go on for hours about all the validations I had specifically. The only way to explain the feeling of having a reading done is that of pure joy, gratefulness, and extreme comfort (almost like a literal ton of bricks off of your shoulders). It was almost as though my loved ones were hugging me through Rachel! She included many details that were spot on with what I've known, felt or done since they have departed. As a grieving parent there is a part of your heart missing forever, and Rachel brought such clarity in a time when I was almost hopeless. She was able to give me dear messages that I needed to be able to let go of my guilt; assured me that things I have felt and experienced are all part of my journey. I am forever grateful for being able to experience this amazing gift that has allowed me to be able to pull myself back together and lead a more positive life. Thank you for all that you do!


Love & Light,

Cali Honsberger 

I have been to quite a few mediums since losing my precious daughter but I just never felt like I got the validation that I needed that it was really her communicating with me. Well, I finally found that with Rachel and, while it won’t take away the pain of her being gone from this world, it makes my heart happy knowing she is really out there waiting for me and that I will see her again.

Thanks so much Rachel and your team - I appreciate everything! ️


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