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The Ripple Effect

There is a ripple effect our thoughts/actions/behaviors produce that we don't fully see. Ripples that affect our personal relationships and extend to others we don't even know. We can't possibly see how our pebbles cast in one moment influence the lives of others near and far, now and in the future. When we return to Spirit we will see this. As often as possible, make decisions from your higher self. If you allow your higher self to direct your path, you will one day see the beautiful ripple effects of love you created and left behind that extended far and wide, and continue to live on. We will truly see all the ripples our thoughts/actions/behaviors produced - whether of love or fear. And we will be surprised that we didn't always discern the difference between love and fear, yet we will still be lovingly accepted and embraced by Heaven.

We grieve more intensely "a life cut short," but consider the ripple effect a young person's death may create... maybe even more expansive than what is created by someone who lived to old age. If someone you love has died, their legacy is not just in the memories and lives they humanly touched, but in the ripple their death casts. What a sacred inheritance and precious gift you have received as the caretaker of their ripple. You have an opportunity to create a ripple effect of peace and love, acceptance and forgiveness, faith and understanding. How much they trust you to spread their love, their sunshine, their spark, their joy, their compassion, AND the greater awareness that they are alive and well! How healing it would be if all truly understood or even considered the greater reality, they tell me!

May you feel your loved ones cheer you on as your share their love with others. Maybe it's their memory, their human special sauce. Maybe it is the lessons you have learned from their life and their death. Maybe it's their perspective now and the message they all sing out: "WE ARE ALIVE AND AT PEACE." When you feel moved to share, know your beloved is encouraging you to do so. When you do so, know they are so very proud of you.

New ripples of love and grace, truth and higher understanding, are created and shared with your beloved's fingerprints on them! This is your co-creation. When you share your precious inheritance, your beloved sees new ripples of love being created by you together. This is a gift to you both as you live in a new and expanded relationship - one that has the potential to create far greater ripples than humanly imaginable or possible.


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