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Even between the signs

Below is the Spirit download that came to me from the collective group of loved ones (in heaven/spirit) of the participants who attended my Signs 2.0 Webinar on 2/22/2018 . (This happened to me previously, just before my presentation to BPUSA last August. You can read that group download in the blog post titled "From the kids".) The interesting thing this time is that many of my webinar participants were clients, so I recognized many of the faces of the loved ones from heaven who showed up as the images came to mind and the words flowed through my hands for this collective group message. This is the edited version, in the original version I included the impressions and names where I recognized the loved ones in spirit. (I have no doubt that all of the participants' loved ones were present, for I felt them all and there was overwhelming, loving, Presence!) I also believe that Spirit knows who this post will reach and so even if you didn't attend, I pray you connect with something in the collective message here and receive the love from heaven. xoxo Rachel

Have you received anything that you even felt was possibly from me?

Have you heard me as a thought in your head?

Have you felt my presence from behind you, Mommy?

Have you heard my name called and it felt as if an amplifier went directly to your soul?

Have you felt me above you, even on the hairs of your head?

Have you smelled my cologne?

Tasted my perfume?

Have you seen me in the back seat while driving in the car?

Do you sense me when you cook my favorite meal?

Do you feel me in the wind, with the gentle breeze on your cheek?

Do you hear me in the chimes, with the breeze I can create?

Have you ever: felt me, smelled me, seen me in your dreams, or simply sensed me near?

Whether it’s at arm’s reach with a sign that you can see, or up close and personal when you know that you know it’s me...

Yes, do you say? Then speak as if we have already connected, we are connected… not as if you want to connect with me.

The hard truth is that what you really want is something to match what we had here on earth.

The glorious truth is that we exceed that relationship together now!

The hard truth is that you only have moments when I can make my presence known to you just how much I am around.

The glorious truth is that our connection is deeper and pure!

The conversation is subtle, I whisper.

As your broken heart heals, as you are in your long goodbye to the me that was…

You are creating space for the me that still and always is right next to you, sitting in your heart.

This is a cliche that I live in your heart? A worn- out line in love songs, or a feel-good mantra?

No, this is not cliché. This is truth and the poets, the artists… they always know first. They often know, not knowing what they even know.

Keep going. I’m here. I will lead you to find your soul, your higher self. This is the you who is with me now.

You can know we are together still… even between the signs.


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