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Proof of Continued Relationship

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with two very special young ladies in heaven and their mothers here. These were two separate connections, but I was struck by the unique nature of two particular messages these young ladies relayed through me to their mothers here.

The first connection was a few weeks ago now. A vibrant young lady in spirit showed me a garden in Mom's backyard and she made me feel how much she loves the flowers there. She also loves the pretty garden decor that is just for her in Mom's garden, she showed me. I could see that there were different varieties, sizes, and colors of blooms in Mom's garden. I could see short flowers and tall wildflowers. Mom verified this and she told me the flower garden is something her daughter would certainly enjoy helping with. (This is a garden at a new residence the family has moved to since her daughter has passed.)

Then this beautiful young lady in spirit stood up tall, right in front of me, and she presented a beautiful bouquet of multi-colored tulips to Mom. Her presence was very clear and strong, but I couldn't determine why she was presenting these flowers to Mom. Sure enough, Mom didn't immediately connect with the tulips. As I shared more details of how her daughter was presenting the tulips to me, her daughter began to dig a hole in the ground and she placed the tulips next to the hole so that I would understand Mom had planted these or she wanted Mom to plant these. (Spirit charades!)

Mom told me that she didn't have tulips, but just a couple of days earlier a friend had asked her what her daughter's favorite flower was and she couldn't say, didn't know. Right away, I felt her daughter's approval by the goosebumps that went up and down my spine. She had certainly let Mom know that tulips were her favorite flower! And then she brought the hole back, reminding me to tell Mom to plant some tulips for her!

Just a few days ago, I was connecting with another sweet young lady in heaven who put a rainbow in front of me. Then she appeared in front of the rainbow, painting the color purple as if she had taken the purple out of the rainbow and used it to paint with. Of all the colors in the rainbow, purple is her favorite... This is what she had communicated in her own brilliant, creative way!

Mom told me that she had wondered what her daughter's favorite color was because she really didn't know. (Of course, this is understandable as not everyone has a strong favorite color or one single favorite color over time, just as most teenagers don't express having a favorite flower!) Mom told me she had decided her daughter's favorite color was purple. How amazing is it that her daughter in heaven is able to communicate to Mom, "Yes, purple is my favorite color!"

The more I pondered these special messages, the more I thought about how there is really nothing that better proves the continued relationships we have with our loved ones in heaven.

These messages go beyond proving that we do not die. They prove that we have a continued relationship with the people we love who die.

I hope these stories serve to remind you of how your relationship AND CONVERSATION with your loved one in heaven continues! Ask him or her any question you want.

You don't need me or any medium to give you their answer.

Ask before going to bed tonight and pay attention to what you dream about over the next few days. Spend quiet time tomorrow in prayer and meditation, and pay attention to the thoughts that come to mind at that moment or throughout your day - visual images, words, feelings... Ask for an affirmation, then spend a few minutes just breathing and drop your awareness to your gut (your intuition), paying attention to any nudges toward your answer.

These are just a few of the many ways you can receive answers from your loved one in heaven. In my second story, Mom told me that she had already decided purple was her daughter's favorite color. Her daughter simply validated through me what she had already impressed upon Mom. It hadn't been just an educated guess on Mom's part, and now Mom knows this without a doubt.

Stay open and be inspired, my friends.

Love and Peace,


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