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Messages from Spirit: Peace in Uncertain Times

I've edited this to include a second download from Spirit I received on this topic. The first download/blog I received from Spirit for my first Zoom group healing session. The second download I received for my second Zoom group healing session. I pray these words speak to you in whatever uncertain time you may find yourself in.

Part I

Humans seek what humans seek: Shelter. Safety. Protection. And rightly so.

When humans feel safe and protected, their hearts can be at peace, aligned with love. And with their hearts aligned with love, the humans can be guided by their souls. Guided by the soul, the human acts in accordance with love. Acting in accordance with love, the human’s choices will reflect the highest good. Therefore, the heart at peace makes the highest choices.

Uncertain times can move the heart out of alignment with love, and therefore these times interfere with the soul being able to guide the decision-making of the human, for it is love that connects the mind and heart with the soul. In uncertain times, it is anxiety that interferes with this alignment. Anxiety is the primal fuel the human needs to fight for its space, safety, or territory… whether the threat is true, or the mind just perceives it to be true.

The heart follows the mind and the mind can follow the heart. Allowed to cycle over and over, the human becomes more detached from what is true. This is why you have seen the unreasonable behaviors you have seen during these times.

Guard the heart. Return to gratitude. A seemingly insignificant daily practice becomes a way of thinking. A way of thinking manifests into a way of life where the human can break the cycle, become the observer of such thought-emotion patterns, and more easily recognize when the thoughts do not align with love.

How does one who already knows this and lives this return to love during such times? Protect the mind. Limit external sources of information and opinion which result in causing one’s being to feel constricted and power-less. The external information also creates a pandemic -- to the minds, and therefore, hearts, of all. Pay attention to this. Live mindfully and thoughtfully, yes. Also live balanced during these times.

Be mindful of the diet you are feeding not just the body, but the mind. Be mindful of the so-called escapes you take from the external information and opinions. Pay attention to the escape you call entertainment. Are you consuming fiction that projects darkness or anxiety or depression? This so-called escape only feeds the anxiety (fear) cycle. Even if the topic differs from your reality, this is not truly an escape. (You can prove this to yourself by paying attention to how your being feels following such consumption.)

Pay attention to your conversations. Are you forming relational bonds around stories of anxiety (fear), or love? Are you fueling the anxiety cycle? Or are you lifting each other up, holding each other up, to the light?

Walk in the fresh air. How do you feel?

Sit in the sun. How do you feel?

Listen to uplifting music. How do you feel?

When your thoughts are going a mile an hour or in a million different directions, resist the urge to turn them off by plugging into a distraction. Be patient. Sit or lie and simply observe until the mind is quiet. Stay here for as long as it takes. Start your day this way during this time, for it is the quiet mind that resets your heart to peace.

Quiet your mind with the sunrise and nurture your heart with the sunset.

It is more important in times of upheaval that one is very intentional about this. Nurture your body, yes, but also nurture your heart and mind so that your soul can lead you into your highest choices. When your soul leads your choices, you can trust that you are acting upon your highest good for you and those around you. It is only when the heart is anxious that choices need to be questioned.

Quiet your mind, fall into alignment with love, and relax. Trust you are acting well and in your highest good. Rest in this assurance. When the heart is aligned with love, it experiences calm in the storm. When the heart is aligned with love, the human is aligned with his or her soul. When the human is aligned with his or her soul, the human is aligned with God. And the human who is aligned with God need not worry about making the wrong decision for his or herself, loved ones, or even humankind. Trust. Breathe. Relax.

How do we see you? We see you as uniting with linked arms in a circle around the earth. Yes, the anxiety is contagious, but so is the love. When the collective anxiety dissipates and the dark cloud recedes, the light will reveal what many are already seeing: You are all united and we are all connected.

The dark cloud is not one we wish for you, yet we see it provides opportunity for growth… Opportunity for humans to evaluate the way they have been treating themselves, each other, and their earth home. The slowing down allows for them to ask themselves: In what areas am I serving or disserving myself, others, and our earth home?

The opportunity for expansion and connection is greater than the darkness. Some are already seeing this, uniting and connecting in love. Make no mistake or understatement:

Technology is helping to spread the fear/anxiety that blocks the soul’s ability to guide the human, even in the most love-aligned of humans. Yet, technology can and does unite in a way and at a level that has not otherwise been possible.

This is an important time for the humans to choose to dial down the fear, resulting in noise and confusion, and to use the technology to spread love, unity, and connection… resulting in hearts aligned with love, experiencing peace and joy.

The humans feel as if they have no control but contemplate these thoughts and see that nothing could be further from the truth! Love can be spread exponentially greater than the fear. The outcome will be largely determined by the human will. Everyone is the same now. Privilege or wealth is not so valuable now. The prince is the pauper. There is smaller space between the wealthy and poor. Do you see this opportunity to connect? There is opportunity for mankind to shift in a positive direction so that when the darkness recedes, the soul will have greater impact.

There is also opportunity to see that the heart can align with love and the human can live with peace and joy, despite external and financial, superficial markers. Look around. You already see this in so-called impoverished places of human existence where people dance with joy in midst of poverty. Yes, there will be some who return to lower and self-focused ways of thinking, blaming this or that person, group or nation. And there will be others who learn to see, for the first time, through God’s eyes: We are all one.

This is a gain, not a loss.

Tell the people to live in love now and to love each other well. “Each other” is every other. Every other person. Love every other person well. Love is more powerful than any illness, disease, and, as you know… Love is even more powerful than death. Love your neighbor. Continue to love well. Fear may prevail in the short term but love always wins. Choose Love now.

This is the power you have, and this is the greatest power of all.

Part II

You say when things calm down, “I’ll find my calm.”

Yet calm is only and always found within.

Go within.

Seek your answers from within and you will not be without.

Seeking from the outside causes you to feel without…

Without calm, without peace, without steadiness,

You are like the tree.

The tree stands tall in its space.

The roots of the planted tree take root only within its own space, and from deeply within its own space.

It is only from and within your space that you find peace. Peace of mind and peace within the heart.

A tree rooted, or grounded as you might also say, absorbs the nutrients from its soil... its soul.

Go within your space to absorb the nutrients from your soul.

The winds will blow and the trunk may even sway, but the tree does not uproot. Go within and allow your roots to grow deeply into the safety and security of your soul.

It is only in this space that the tree produces fruit.

Every tree is different according to its purpose.

Some provide shade, some shelter, and others sweet fruit.

In the same way, when you root deeply into the nourishment your soul provides you, so shall you grow to your fullest potential and your life will manifest the fruit of your soul in all its glory.

This ongoing, new, and abundant life manifests as a result of you being deeply rooted in your soul. And it is from here that you truly bless others.

Personal Note: After I received my second download from Spirit on April 11th, I turned on my computer to type it up for my group healing session, and the screensaver which alternates nature photographs from all over the world every day was this tree, below. There couldn't have been a more perfect sign!

Love and Peace,



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