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Messages from Spirit: Peace in Uncertain Times

I've edited this to include a second download from Spirit I received on this topic. The first download/blog I received from Spirit for my first Zoom group healing session. The second download I received for my second Zoom group healing session. I pray these words speak to you in whatever uncertain time you may find yourself in. Part I Humans seek what humans seek: Shelter. Safety. Protection. And rightly so. When humans feel safe and protected, their hearts can be at peace, aligned with love. And with their hearts aligned with love, the humans can be guided by their souls. Guided by the soul, the human acts in accordance with love. Acting in accordance with love, the human’s choices will ref

Proof of Continued Relationship

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with two very special young ladies in heaven and their mothers here. These were two separate connections, but I was struck by the unique nature of two particular messages these young ladies relayed through me to their mothers here. The first connection was a few weeks ago now. A vibrant young lady in spirit showed me a garden in Mom's backyard and she made me feel how much she loves the flowers there. She also loves the pretty garden decor that is just for her in Mom's garden, she showed me. I could see that there were different varieties, sizes, and colors of blooms in Mom's garden. I could see short flowers and tall wildflowers. Mom verified this a