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From the kids

I presented a workshop at the BPUSA (Bereaved Parents USA) Gathering (their annual conference) in early August. My workshop topic was about how parents can become more aware of the soul connection they have with their children in spirit. My workshop was first thing on a Saturday morning. Very early that morning (middle of the night) I woke up to a tremendous amount of kid energy around me and flashes of images of different children and scenes. Their words and thoughts also began to enter into my consciousness. (Apparently our kids would be helping me and they were obviously very excited!) I felt their presence just as strongly as if I'd be giving a mediumship group session. This continued,

Group Session / Fundraiser

I want to personally invite you to join me for an afternoon/evening of healing messages from Spirit/Heaven. Michael Christopher, Evidential Medium, will be joining me and together we will be delivering messages to participants online in a Zoom videoconference. Yes, this means you can attend from the comfort of your own home! Seating will be limited to 50 participants. The best news is that the proceeds will go directly to two very deserving families who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. We can help them furnish their new residences and rebuild a memory garden. A $20 donation to the youcaring account I have set up will gain you admission to the meeting coming up this Sunday, October 29th, fr

My Scars

A wound is raw A scab is tender I resent my limited mobility and the extra precautions I take while waiting for the scar to provide durability My scars may open up So I suppose they are more like scabs than scars because they will open up from time to time and unexpectedly But the intensive care is behind me No longer do I fear infection, nor acute danger I haven't for a while Beyond the seeping wounds and fragile scabs I discovered relief Oh, was it a beautiful relief! For I didn't even know that feeling was possible But scar tissue was visible and the worst was behind me And this relief birthed an unbridled desire to live again But I quickly began To resent my scars I resented and